Opportunity favors the bold.

Not all deals are equal. We stand with the companies best staged for asymmetric return profiles.


We seize, create and monetize opportunities that affect positive change in the world.



We primarily serve the Family Office community. We advise an internationally diverse group of single and multi-family offices. Additionally, our investor base consists of a diverse group of public, private and pooled entities. These range from Sovereign Wealth Funds to Private Equity and UHNW families.


Our goal is to source, diligence and structure exceptional investment opportunities for proprietary investment and our co-investment partners. First Look is industry agnostic, and has expertise in various sectors including private credit and asset backed lending, commercial real estate, energy, commodities, healthcare.


First Look actively seeks exceptional investment opportunities, co-investment and strategic partners. Our goal is to help our partners leverage their disparate strengths and backgrounds. We seek thinly circulated synergistic opportunities for strategic investment and syndication.  

Aligned advisory services

Strategic Business Development

First Look Strategic Investments offers our clients advisory and strategic business development services helping expand in new and existing markets, with a particular emphasis on PPE, cannabis and industrial hemp.  Our team has expertise in global markets across various industries.

Capital Markets Advisory

Drawing on our extensive experience and long-standing relationships in various industries, First Look offers finely tuned, strategic guidance to our clients at all stages of their development. We arrange asset backed debt and equity financing solutions including restructuring and secondary market acquisitions. Maintaining a collaborative and solution-oriented approach, we aim to be flexible and creative as we work towards fulfilling our clients’ objectives.

Transactional Advisory and Brokerage

First Look offers comprehensive transactional advisory services to our clients in the trading of various asset classes, with a specific focus on cannabis.  We work with both individuals and corporations, leveraging our global network of extraction labs, principal labs, as well as service providers including banks, escrow agents, and attorneys.

We offer an Over the Counter (“OTC”) matchmaking service, matching buyer and seller profiles to help manage expectations of particular requirements of each party. Our transactional advisory services encompass walking our clients, and all transactional parties through each stage of the transaction, ensuring smooth operation and contractual compliance.  We manage all contractual relationships between all parties including the seller, buyer, intermediaries and institutional services providers such as sourcing consultants, escrow agents, banks and post-OTC clearing services providers.  Finally, we provide Paymaster services for intermediaries and confidential cross-principal asset verification services.


Our family of companies spans strategic business development, investment advisory, asset management and defense.

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